Jardin de Sardy

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Work realized for M. F. Imbs, the owner of an amazing garden, open to the public, in Sardy, near Velines, in Dordogne.
It is a series of 15 watercolour monotypes in format raisin representing views that visitors are offered in Les Jardins de Sardy.
The structural parts of the drawing are monotypes with prints of very dark green or blue ink (ink for engraving Works). The print makes the drawing enriched with the efects of substances, more of less at random. 90 per cent of the work comes out on the sheet of plexiglas before pressing the paper, which will fix the picture (a restrainer is added to the ink so I can modify the painting).
The painting is set on the paper in one print, then the colours are touched up in watercolour. These views are painted from photographs I did this because they need being turned over left to right, as in a mirror.